Storage Tips

  • When packing your storage unit, create a center aisle if you plan to access your items frequently.
  • Have blankets, draperies and out-of-season clothing cleaned, then pack them right on the hanger in a wardrobe box.
  • Pack books flat, not standing on end, which may cause damage to the spines. Books are extremely heavy, so don’t pack too many in one box.
  • Drain gasoline and oil from lawn mowers and other items with small engines.
  • Fill boxes completely to prevent them from collapsing. Do not fill boxes past capacity, as overfilled boxes will rupture and topple when stacked.
  • Clean and dry appliances. Keep refrigerator doors slightly ajar and use the space inside these items for additional storage.
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  • Everyone at Space Place Self Storage: thank you so much for all you did to help us in our transition. Your friendly, convenient service made everything so much easier.


Looking for a storage unit in New Hampshire or Vermont? Space Place Self Storage offers both heated and unheated units in clean, secure buildings. Contact one of our professionals today and let them help you select the unit that best fits your storage needs!

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